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Software Support

Have an inquiry about our software? For starters, our technical support is 100% free. We provide assistance via support ticket, and help docs.


We provide “On The Spot” help when it’s needed. There’s green question mark icons scattered all over the website. These question marks contain information about our services and features.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You’ll have instant and unrestricted access to an unlimited amount of information. Our Site Builder comes with a step by step instructional guide. Almost all of the answers to your questions will be in there. And if it isn’t, simply submit a Support Ticket.

Ask Us

If you have any urgent concerns regarding the program, feel free to ask our friendly Support Team for help.


Q. How do I log into my account?

A. Click on the Login Button at the top of the page. Then enter your email and password.

Q. Q. Can my visitors see what I’m doing, when I’m in edit mode?

A. No! Only you have administrative access to your account. Your visitors only see when you publish the content.

Q. Can I use my website to sell digital products and shippable merchandise?

A. Yes! This is the sole purpose of our free e-Commerce shopping kart.

We’re Committed to Making It Convenient for YOU!

At least 95% of our clients found immense satisfactory when using our support system. If you ask a question while you’re logged in, the system will automatically save that question for future reference.

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